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Mormon Truth Podcast #5-Tithing And Filthy Lucre-Part 2, Is Now Ready To Go!!

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Well, part 2 of tithing and filthy lucre is up and running. My intention was to add on to the beginning of it, with about 15 additional minutes of info which turned into closer to 40 minutes of extra info. This topic is just so large and there is so much info to cover, that it ended up taking me nearly 3 hours to do what I intended to be a 1 hour podcast. I could have easily made it a 4-5 hour or 5 part podcast.

Hopefully, you will find very useful information in this podcast to help you to understand how the Mormon Hierarchy shamelessly robs from poor people, to fill their own coffers and then they laugh all the way to the bank and their next major real estate purchase or project. You can throw out all of the lies, fraud, false doctrine, discrepancies, mind control, etc and just focus on what I said and the quotes that I read, in this podcast, and that should be enough to prove that this Mormon cult is a complete fraud, that has nothing to do with any God or righteousness.

With all of their billions, the Mormon Church should be the largest humanitarian organization in the world by far!! They should make the Red Cross look like child's play, but they don't. They are greedy and selfish!! With what they have coming in and what is reported that they give back, the Mormon Church is a complete disgrace.

Just check out what they've been doing in the UK for hells sake and that says it all. When you bring in over $31,000,000 and give back less than a million, you are a joke and a disgrace!! They brag about how they gave a million or 200 million over 20 years, etc, but big deal. When you calculate what that amount is, percentage wise, in comparison to their actual income, and how they claim they do so much, it disgusts me. They do nothing.

It would be like me making millions a year and bragging about how I donate $1,000 or less, a year to help poor people. Wouldn't I just be publicly embarrassing myself? Yes I would and that is what they are doing. Time to expose this fraud of a cult to the world!! Compared to what we "believe" they pull in a year, the Mormon Church doesn't do a damn thing for anybody.

Mormon Church financial info in the UK!!

As they say, ultimately, it is up to them, how they spend the money and whenever the "Presiding real estate contractor", I mean "Presiding Bishop" is involved, who knows where that money will go. I'm sure he's eying some other city, city blocks or another mall, as we speak. These men ask that we trust them and they report back nothing to us in return. They are accountable to nobody but their supposed Mormon God or Jesus that is invisible.

What a great gig eh? You masquerade as men of God of Jesus' one and only true Church on the earth, while raking in billions, even from the poorest of poor in Africa, while building shopping malls, luxury resorts, cattle ranches, buying city blocks, streets, developing 600 home housing developments in Hawaii.

When you have so many billions to work with and you give maybe 1% or half of 1% back to help the poor, you have to have somewhere to blow the money, right? But the best part is they answer to nobody as I mentioned and the people that give them their money, don't ask for accountability. They trust these so called "men of God."

In return, these men are like celebrities, living a life of the rich and famous. Wherever they go, the Saints line the streets, just trying to get a look at them or touch them. They are Gods to these people and are loving every second of it. Oh yeah, did I mention the private luxury jets, luxury cars, mansions, exquisite dining, 5 star hotels, $2,000 suits, etc?

Yeah, but it's all in the name of the Mormon Jesus Christ and he directly approves of all of their actions because the Church leaders are divinely called of God and he's in direct contact with them. Also, God or Jesus, will never allow a Prophet to lead the Saints astray and if he does try to, God will remove him.

So, the bottom line is that Jesus, God, etc, since they haven't removed Hinckley, approve of their lifestyle/decisions and Jesus now personally owns malls, gaming preserves, housing developments, streets, city blocks, etc. He must be so proud of his Prophet!! I bet that the Mormon Jesus can't wait to return now and might even speed it up, to come hang out at his malls.

So, if the Church is his, Jesus', then aren't we to assume that everything the Church owns/buys, is also Jesus'? I wonder if the Mormon Jesus, when he returns for the second coming, will swing by his new malls first? Maybe He will be downing some Smirnoff, Guinness, Baileys, Cuervo, etc, which his Church is not only personally invested in, but also will be allowing to be served in the bars of the restaurants in his malls.

But, oh yeah, I forgot, it's okay because they don't actually own the land that the restaurants sit on, because they sold the land, within Jesus' mall, to the individual restaurants. I guess it's kind of like being in the mall but not of the mall....ring a bell TBM's or former TBM's? In Seminary, they taught us to be in the world but not of the world. I guess that they are just trying to do that with the whole "alcohol being served in their mall" situation.

At least we all know now, that if we own a business, or a home and want to put a strip club in the basement or a bar, that we can do it with a clear conscience and without any repercussions, based on their pathetic example. We just simply sell the land to whoever is going to run the strip club/bar and then maybe work in a percentage of the profits. Of course, since we won't actually own the land, we can make a lot of money, go to Church on Sunday with a clear conscience, knowing that we've done nothing wrong, right?

What great guys.....I mean hypocrites, these Mormon General Authorities. It's the ol' "do as we say, not as we do" hypocrisy, shining bright and strong. Every member knows that if they tried to pull that crap for real and follow the example of Mormon Hierarchy, they'd most likely be ex-communicated in a heartbeat.

Eventually, down the road, I'll be doing more shows on the Mormon Churches finances for sure, but I have so many other topics that I need to cover, that I must move on. I've pretty much got at least my next 10 podcasts planned, at least with topics, now I just need to decide what order I'm going to put them in. I'm also going to be including or mixing in, several podcasts with people that have Emailed me and want to tell their story to the world.

Thanks again guys for listening, I hope that my podcasts have been educational or helpful in some ways and you can look forward to many more. Please leave me your comments and let me know what you think of the podcasts.

For my main blog, please go to:

Samuel the Utahnite


At November 28, 2005 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Utahnite,
Great podcasts. And some interesting topics. I think that you give a lot of good evidence for your positions. But while I agree with most of what you say, I think that you are a little too angry somethimes. I understand totally why you are but I think that it will turn off anyone that is LDS or maybe even someone on the fence. Thanks again for the time you are putting in creating your blog and podcast.

At November 28, 2005 1:40 PM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey thanks Japanguy,

I try to remain as calm as I can but when I'm covering a subject like the last one, preying on and robbing from the poor by a billionaire corporation, pretending to be a Church, it's hard for me not to be angry.

From the examples that I gave, such as, being commanded to pay your tithing instead of feeding your family. Taking an unemployed Father of 8's geese eggs in Africa, to taking people's gold fillings, literally out of their mouth and then parading them around to congregations around the world, to show the "nature of their sacrifice." The latter example was to help build another Mormon Temple in Brazil....well, I can't help but be very upset.

Oh yeah, also Hinckley telling people that have lost everything; their homes, clothes, food, Family members, etc, to pay their tithing is a disgrace. That was the only thing that Hinckley could think of because after all, God's blessings are much important than what man can do. Unbelievable!!

I guess if my anger over these things turns people off, then they weren't the people that I was talking to or the people that I hope to reach. I believe that the facts and quotes should make anyone angry, without even hearing my opinion, feelings or way of expression. When I first discovered and read these things, I was furious and that was without anyone else's opinions. The anger just came from within me due to the great injustice.

Also, I've only been out now for about 6 months and obviously I haven't come to terms completely with the fact that My Family, Friends and I have been lied to and deceived by these same men for over 30 years.

Also the fact that I've lost several of these relationships based on the fact that I'm now considered to be possessed by the Devil or one of the elect that has been deceived, doesn't exactly make me happy or want to be calm.

This Mormon fraud continues to affect my life on a daily basis by how it affects my loved ones and friends. It's pretty hard to just "let it go" as some suggest we should all do, when it hits you in the face on a daily basis.

To be honest, my anger now is much less than it was when I first discovered the fraud of Mormonism and how I had been deceived. I was stunned, shocked and then furious.

I went through several stages in trying to deal with my new discovery and it has been very difficult. I still see the pain in some of my loved ones eyes that have also now discovered the fraud. They can't believe that they were deceived for so long.

I don't really feel that I'm raging angry on my podcasts and I'm sorry if I come across too angry for you or anybody else, but I am who I am and I feel what I feel. I can't change what I'm feeling and since I'm gonna continue being who I am, for anyone that may be offended, I guess that they can choose not to listen, that would be my suggestion.

If anyone that is LDS or on the fence, can't overlook my anger for the facts or can't feel angry, after hearing what I'm sharing, then I probably couldn't have helped them anyway and they are better off staying in the Mormon Church or not listening to what I have to say.

Maybe someone needs to start a nice, loving blog, about the Mormon Church fraud. They can discuss how they were lied to, deceived and defrauded their whole life, but it's all okay and they still love and embrace Mormonism and what it stands for. I don't know, just a suggestion.

If I'm too hardcore, maybe there are those that need that. I certainly couldn't do it!!Different strokes for different folks, right? I'm sure that blog would have a following just like mine and many others do. I'm definitely not the place to come for warm and fuzzy, burning in the bosom when it comes to Mormonism.

Japanguy, I just honestly believe that those who are offended by my anger are a very small minority. Since I started my blog, I've had over 12,000 pages viewed, received 100's of emails, thanking me for what I'm doing and how I've helped them.

I've only had 3 negative emails and they were from "TBM's" that are against anyone that is trying to expose their beloved cult.

My podcast has really only been on-line for about a two weeks or so and I've only been on Itunes for a few days, but there are already 31 subscribers and at least 300 people have listened to my first 5 podcasts.

So, like I said, and I could be wrong, but everything tells me that the ones that may be offended or turned off by my anger, either in my blog, or on my podcast, would be a small minority. As I was just saying, the positive responses have been overwhelming.

Japanguy, I do appreciate your comments and I could be wrong and many people are offended by my anger but I just don't see it. Now, if I get hundreds of people telling me that I'm over the top or out of control, raging angry, or along those lines, then I may have to take a second look and reconsider what I'm doing.

Like I said, when I'm sharing quotes like I did in the last 2 podcasts, I can't imagine that the majority of people wouldn't be angry.

Also, when you consider that Joseph Smith was marrying 14 year old girls, other mens wives, other mens pregnant wives, mother/daughters, sisters, etc, all in the name of God, well, again, that infuriates me.

What really pisses me off is the Mormon Church's cover-up or refusal to discuss openly, these exact things. When Thomas Monson gives a talk about Joseph Smith in the last General Conference and about what a great, honest man he was, and a great example for our children to follow...well....that makes me slightly angry, knowing what we now know about this disgusting, deceitful pedophile.

I would highly suggest that everyone here, that is reading this and can't understand my anger, go and watch the following presentation by John Dehlin. He will help you understand why, when someones entire world collapses, they feel angry. To me, it is normal human nature for anyone in my situation, to be upset and angry. Here is the link:

He does an amazing job explaining how we feel and why we feel the way we do. It's ironic that he, as an active member, Elders Quorum Instructor to boot, is able to do what the Mormon Church isn't able to do.

Instead of condemning those of us that have left the Church, he is searching for compassion and understanding. John is a great guy and I give him major kudos.

I feel like he is putting his membership at major risk, in order to be a fair, honest man. He sees the problems in the Church and isn't afraid of confronting them, head on, regardless of what the personal consequences are down the road.

To be honest, Japanguy, I'm full of compassion and love when it comes to helping people. If you read my blog well, there are many posts in my blog that are full of love, compassion and understanding toward others, but never toward the Mormon Hierarchy.

One last thing..I just want to say, that for anyone out there, that I have offended with my anger or way of expression, I'm sincerely sorry and that was never my intention.

I try to be fair, honest, clear and to the point. I was forced to walk on egg shells my whole life and now I'm not. For the first time in my life, I have freedom of expression regarding my religious beliefs.

I can express myself openly, regarding the Church and God, for the first time in my life, without fear and punishment. For some people, that may be offensive and I'm sorry for that. All I ask is that even though you may not like my manner of expression, try to focus on what I'm saying, and not how I'm saying it.

Try to focus on the facts, my references and the reality of what I'm saying. When I use quotes, they are word for word. I will never purposely add or subtract words to make it fit my opinion. On the other hand, my opinions are formed by the exact words and context of the quotes.

In other words, focus on the content, not the delivery. One thing that is impossible, is to please every person and deliver my show and blog in a way that makes everyone happy. I'll be honest though, I'm more concerned with the majority, than the minority.

I'm not saying that I don't value everyone's opinion, but I'm not going to change something that 99% of the people reading my blog or listening to my podcast, don't have a problem with. That 1% will either have to just adapt and deal with it, the way things are, or decide to tune me out.

Either way, I'm fine, you have your free agency, but I would love for you to stick around. I don't want to lose anybody. Come on my podcast and express why you aren't angry and why you can't understand my anger and we'll try to understand each other.

You can trust me that you'll find more compassion and understanding from me, than any Bishop or Stake President, etc. I have the utmost respect and compassion for anyone, that is trying to honestly seek and find the truth, just like I did. I'm not Steve Benson, who wants to insult, hurt and cut people down, for just asking honest questions or questioning him.

My anger is directed at the Mormon Hierarchy, not the common "truth-seeking" member, so don't ever confuse where or who my anger is directed toward.

Maybe if the Mormon Church Hierarchy came clean instead of continuing to perpetuate their fraud, my anger would decrease. Maybe if they would apologize for past mistakes like their racism and racist remarks, my anger would decrease.

The fact is, they continue on, knowingly covering up and teaching their false doctrines, without blinking an eye and without so much as an honest apology for their past sins. My guess is that it will never happen. For those that think it will, don't hold your breath, you may turn blue.

One thing about me, is that I'm 100% genuine and I am an emotional guy. Like I said, I was repressed for over 30 years and now it's time to express myself fully and without holding back. As I say in the Title of my blog, "I will share my opinions and viewpoints without holding back."

I'm not gonna change who I am or my style and feel that I need to conform to certain behavior to keep a few people happy. That's exactly what I did for over 30 years, not anymore.

Even though I may get pissed off about certain things, I have great compassion and love for those that are currently being abused by the Mormon Church. It is a travesty!!

The Mormon Church preys and robs its members, not just of money, but their freedom and dignity as well. This is a very powerful, billion dollar corporation and someone has to be frank and tell the world just how evil they really are.

There are many out there that are providing a great service and inspired me to be doing what I'm doing. I have links to them on my blog and have mentioned them many times.

The people that we can thank the most, are the Tanners. They really started it all and have been greatly persecuted and abused by the Mormon cult for what they've done.

Just those actions, that the Mormon Church has shown, toward the Tanners, is enough to know that this Church is a fraud. The bogus lawsuit, etc. For those that haven't read about it, I suggest you that you go to their site and read it.

The Mormon Church focused on the Tanners while allowing much worse offenders, that were actually the ones posting the information that they were suing over, to go free. It was definitely personal, because the Tanners have done so much damage and revealed so much truth to the world.

In the end, I hope that I won't lose anyone along the way but I'm just gonna keep doing what I've been doing and let the truth of my words speak for themselves.

Thanks again Japanguy, for your words, and for your thanks for what I do. I have invested an enormous amount of time into my blog and now podcast but it is a passion of mine and something that I feel I must do.

Others out there, have expressed that eventually they may stop their podcasts, they won't go on forever, etc and will move on.

Well, I'm here to say that I will never stop and I'm here to stay. For those out there that wish I'd go away, well, it won't happen. If I live another 50 years, you'll have 50 years of podcasts and blog information. I will never lose that desire to help others. The major reason that I do this, first and foremost, as I express all the time, is to help others.

One day, at the rate I'm going here, with podcasts and blog posts, my sites, will most likely be the largest source of Mormon opinion and truth on the Internet.

I already have around 74 items on my main blog and that is since the beginning of August. I've posted 5 podcasts in less than 2 weeks. I'm just saying this to point out where I'll be a year from now, two years from now, etc.

I thank everyone out there that gives me this desire and motivation to keep going, I couldn't do it without you and your support. Just knowing that I'm helping people is all I need. Thanks for all of your awesome emails of support and your stories.

I'm just gonna keep going and going, constantly adding new things and it will all just keep growing and growing. I want to help as many people as possible, that is my goal. The Mormon Church will never be able to forget about me because I'm not going away.

As long as they continue to lie and deceive people regarding their history, while defrauding them out of their hard earned money, I won't be going anywhere. My goal, in my lifetime, is to see and help in a major way, a downfall of Mormonism as we know it today.

Now, it will never be completely gone, I understand that, but I truly believe, with all of the info out there, especially the Internet, that there will come a day, when the Mormon Church is a mere shadow of its former self.

The fewer people that join this fraud of a cult, the fewer people will be getting hurt. Better to have never joined, than to have joined and then realize that it was all a lie.

Their is so much mental anguish and emotional pain, that goes along with joining and then realizing that you've been fooled. I want to try to prevent that as much as possible.

I know that what I'm doing now, seems so small in comparison to Mormon Inc, but it will keep growing and getting stronger, thanks to all of you.

Everyday, there are more and more EX-Mormons and fewer Mormons and that trend will never change in my opinion. They've had their day in the sun, now it's time for our day.

Take care everyone, I appreciate all of you and hope that I can help you in some way. If my anger offends you, just know that I'm angry for good reasons and trying to come to terms with my entire spiritual world as I knew it, collapsing in a pile of rubble about 6 months ago.

Now I'm also trying to deal with personal relationships of over 30 years that are in the same pile. If I wasn't angry, I'd have to have something mentally wrong with me considering what I've personally experienced and seen in the last 6 months.

Now if I was going ballistic, saying F this and F that and Mother this and Mother that, well, then I might need some professional help but the fact is, I'm not doing that and I never will, at least publicly.

To be very honest, considering what I've been through in the last 6 months, and the pain that I've experienced and continue to experience in my personal life and relationships, I'm very, very calm. Take care guys and I wish you all luck in your journey!!

Samuel the Utahnite

At December 04, 2005 6:24 PM, Blogger Gunner said...

Blogspot does not allow trackbacks as of yet so here is a rough trackback.

At December 08, 2005 6:14 PM, Blogger Kolage said...

I listened to some of your podcasts. It's really interesting to hear about the LDS religion from someone who was a member for so long....and you served a mission!! Wow!! The LDS faith truly makes my heart hurt to know that so many people don't know the Lord. It would be cool if you could show so Biblical scripture that shows the LDS faith to be false. I know several scriptures that warn against what the church does and believes. If you could do an entire podcast on that....I think it would be really cool!!

At December 15, 2005 11:27 PM, Anonymous Bonnie said...

Another GREAT podcast. I listened to it twice today! thanks.

I just saw you have #6 out, so I am staying up for another hour to listen to that.

I think the Mormon church is the biggest fraud on the planet, so I LOVE your podcasts. You have a great grasp of things.

PS: I do not concur with Japanguy on the anger issue.

At December 16, 2005 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand it can be upsetting at time. I guess it is just that our worldview has changed. But remember it was not too long ago that we were believing. If we were to have been listening to this podcast what would have been our reaction. I too get upset at the pat answers that are given in church etc. I still attend about half the time but it is very difficult to just sit there when you hear things like to pay your tithing first before anything else. So I totally understand what you mean. Well thanks again for you podcast and your blog. You really do a good job giving all your sources etc. Nice job.

At December 16, 2005 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have issues with my family and haven't pulled together the courage to out myself as an unbeliever. It would just kill my parents. But it is getting difficult to hide it as my son is now almost 10 and still unbaptized. My mother has asked a few time when he will get baptized and I have made up a few excuses and then changed the subject. So it will most likely come out sooner or later. The one thing that is good is that my wife is an unbeliever. She told me about 6-7 years ago that she didn't believe. And it just shocked me. I couldn't believe it. I tried for a while to get her to come back and she told me she would still go to church but that she would not actively promote the church. She actually just doesn't believe in religion and just saw through all the smoke screens. I still go for reasons that are difficult to explain. But I have been desiring to get out. The worse thing about the church is the games that is plays with peoples minds and the pain it brings to families. When a family member leaves the church is can bring divorce, loss of friendship and on and on.
Thanks for all you do. I totally understand that you are who you are. Keep up the good work and good luck.

At December 17, 2005 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Podcast. I'm a fascinated non-member married to an inactive member. Have made several trips to Utah and have some friends and other family members who are members.

Interesting to hear the list of things that the LDS Foundation will gladly receive as donations...although they have neglected to include the fillings and other valuable dental work that Faust suggests...hey, why not vital organs too, perhaps a kidney?

At May 29, 2006 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent podcast!! I love your anger, your passion! I so agree!!!!!

At November 17, 2007 9:31 AM, Anonymous Veldrin said...

Samuel! Good to see you still around. I wish I joined up with you when you started, but I am here now and believe me when I say I have a burning bosom!

Thats right, I am full of the burning bosom right now.
It's full of anger and disgust enough to make me sick! All because of this "true" church.

Your response to Japanguy really touched me. Especially when you mentioned your sense of injustice.

That really struck a chord, a while ago I swore I would never follow any doctrine, belief, god, man, animal, vegetable even mineral! Whose system I found injust and wrong.

I have been shunned and looked down on by multiple religions, not least the mormons, and even more of these religious followers, for simply stating that I did not find them just and right.

I am glad to see someone who sees this as I do.
Like you say, it's about helping poor, poor people who are viciously exploited by these people, horrible people!

I say, these people need someone like you, at least to offer the truth, even if they don't believe it.

I am really, really inspired by you, and you always give me some shocking insights into the mormon culture that I had no idea existed.

I had no idea about polygamy, I was clueless why people made fun of mormons in this way.

Imagine my shock when I learned the truth.
I know you can, you've been there.

That's what makes you one of the best to speak on this matter.

I never made it on a mission, never made it past deacon and the young mens group.

But yes, I have been to the temple, I have been baptized for the dead (what a freaky, strange trip that was.)
I've had talks to the bishop about masturbation and so forth...

I really relate to everything you say.

I was brainwashed completely, I believed every single lie that this filth injecting cult spewed into my mind.

And I welcomed it, every time. I thought I was getting closer to God.

Well, that didn't last long, let me tell you.

I found out the hard way, that mormons can be viscious, cruel and twisted in every way.

Some aren't, my parents are devoted mormons still. And I worry about them. And I am trying to show them these things that you mention here. No success so far, but I will keep trying, just like you do!

But yes, I don't know how common this story is, but pressure from the church doesn't end with "spiritual and moral" pressure.

I was physically beaten by members of the church, I was harassed at my home.
My home was invaded by these people who simply walked in through the door one day without knocking and asking entrance.

I was scared witless of this cult, who would not only use guilt, and other such methods.
But would reduce themselves to beating a small less than teenaged boy on church grounds.

Who would harass him at his home, banging on windows and doors.

Honestly...I can't even explain what sort of experience that was for me, and how I got no help from church or even my parents.

Because "mormons don't do that".

If I was able to take care of myself back then, I would sue that church ward into the ground.

The mormon church destroys lives.

It destroyed mine.
And even to this very day, I suffer after effects of such torments that they used on me.

Samuel, if you don't mind me using a slight joke...I would say :

"Samuel has done more for the salvation of the world than Joseph Smith, Moses or even Jesus..blah blah blah".

You get it, haha. The Joseph Smith is greater than god speech. hah. I hope you liked my new 2007 revised edition of it.

But honestly, there is NO limit to what the mormon culture will do.
What the brainwashing doctrine will do to perfectly normal, good people.

They will guilt you, brainwash you, use family and friends, fear, shock tactics..and as I can attest to, even physical violence to get whatever they want.

I am sure that Samuel, you will agree with me, when I beg any mormon reading this, to please, please, please I beg you, think about this cult, think of all the stories of these mormons.

Think of all these facts that Samuel lists here, and think about them. Think about them, and leave the church before it's too late.



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