Monday, January 30, 2006

Mormon Truth Podcast #7-Those Evil Anti-Mormon's #1

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Hey guys, this is a podcast that I started back in December and I just finally finished it. I'm sorry for the delay due to personal Family issues, a death in the Family and then a good case of the Mormon flu. I really appreciate your patience, concern and supportive Emails during this time.

In this podcast, I review my hate-mail that I'm now receiving much more of, than before. Some of it is hilarious and some of it is a sad statement of the individual persons mental problems due to the life-long indoctrination of the Mormon cult. In short, their brains are fried!!

I will then also read through my reviews over on iTunes, where several of these Yahoo's are giving me one star man. Damn, that pisses me off because I only have 2.5 stars out of 5 due to these clowns...LOL!! Anyway, they provide some funny, revealing and entertaining reviews.

Oh well, I have lot's of 5 star ratings too from those of you out there that love my podcasts. For those of you that LOVE my podcasts, take a few minutes, head on over to iTunes and give me a great review. I would really appreciate it and people may read your review and want to listen to the podcasts. Let's outnumber these TBM fools that are trying to bring our rating down.

For those that have already given the Mormon Truth Podcast a great review, I thank you!! The more positive reviews, the higher the rating, the more people that will listen and the quicker we can spread the word to the world and help those people to get out of the Mormon cult. Then they can help someone and so on and so on.

The first 25 minutes or so, had some sound quality problems and I apologize for that, but hopefully it won't be too bad for you. The last 45 minutes or so, are much better.

Take care everyone and as always, I look forward to your comments and thanks again for those of you that listen and support what I'm doing. Your support and positive comments and Emails is what keeps me going.

Samuel the Utahnite


At January 31, 2006 10:09 PM, Blogger Kolage said...

Once again....great podcast!!
I can not believe some of the reviews you got. I think my favorite review was the one titled "The Truth Is Out There...In Smarter Places." The person suggested that if one were to seek the truth they should go directly to the source. They actually said "Don’t blindly take others words for solid truth." This is exactly what Mormons do. They have been doing it for 175 years!! Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and every one blindly accepted it as truth. Maybe they should have asked God through Holy Scripture in the Bible and prayed before believing Joe....
I think that it is rather arrogant of the Book of Mormon to simply ask to believe in it on faith alone. There are no facts what so ever that it is true...Where’s the humility that this religion always talks about?? To rely on your own heart alone is rather arrogant and totally against the teaching of God’s Word in the Holy Bible. (See Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 28:6, Acts 17:11) But then again Mormons don’t actually think that the Bible is the true word of God. They use the Bible to promote and attract themselves as Christians. A lie is always sold better when wrapped with some truth…..Right!? Mormons are not Christian!! I want to clarify this. The true definition of Christianity by Theological terms is Monotheism (The belief in ONE True Living God). Mormonism is Polytheism (The belief in many gods). So by terminology alone they are not Christian!! I have asked Mormons if they believe in more than one God and they have answered as clear as day “No, there is only One God!” But if you look into there teachings that is not true. I brought this evidence to them and they answer “Well yes….there is many gods, but only One God worthy of worship.” This is Mormon logic at its core!!
Samuel…Keep up the good work!!!
Faithful Listener,

At February 03, 2006 6:04 PM, Blogger MeTaLFreeK said...

I dig your podcasts, man and am happy you'll be doing em on a weekly basis. Keep doing what you're doing, you're helping MANY people out there.

Damn disgusting cult.

At February 05, 2006 6:18 AM, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Hey Metalfreek, thanks so much man!! I'm glad you are liking them and I apologize for the time in between 6 & 7, I know that you were anxious, I got your message. Believe me, I felt the same way you did and was very frustrated, not being able to do one, as I have so much that I want to talk about.

Anyway, hopefully things will be smooth sailing now, knock on wood and I'll have another one out today, just in case the SuperBowl is a blowout or for those that don't watch football. If I can do 2 a week or even more, I will. I will do as many as I can!!

I just really appreciate you taking the time to listen to them and then comment. Spread the word and lets help as many people as possible to leave this damn cult!!

Take care and I look forward to your future comments.

Also, Eric, you are the man, thanks to you too, for taking the time to leave me the comments that you leave.

I couldn't do it without you guys as you keep me fired up to do what I'm doing. We have to expose this fraud every chance we get, as they keep 50,000 missionaries out there, everyday, knocking on innocent people's doors, trying to convert them into the cult.

And People wonder why I do what I do and why I can't leave them alone? Maybe when they leave the rest of the world alone, I might consider leaving them alone. Isn't it amazing how these TBMS think?

I guess it's that one way street to freakin KOLOB!!

They openly...mentally, psychologically and spiritually, keep manipulating people, 365/24/7, in the name of God and the "ONLY TRUTH" but please leave us alone to do it and don't try to stop us!! Wow!!

The arrogance of Mormonism is palpable, isn't it?

DAMN CULT is right!!

Thanks again guys,


At March 08, 2006 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great Podcast!! Very well done! Please do not stop this awesome work.
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that
matter." Martin Luther King, Jr.

At August 10, 2006 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, like... anyway.
Please do what you said that you were going to do. Read the e-mail and then speak to it.
On the very first e-mail, you stopped a few sentences in and began to retort to the comments. Tough to let it go, like anyway...

So, the church only sent 100,000.00 (not sure of the actually amount but you get the point, don't you?)
to the hurricane effort and could of easily sent 101,000.00 wow, like anyway, why did they not sent that extra 1,000.00. anyway,

Did you send any money? and yes before you like anyway, anything... I did send money to help.

I am with the others, find something better to do with your time.
Oh, I wonder if I have just added more fuel to a future Bodcast.

like anyway, this is crazy man...


At October 02, 2007 10:47 PM, Anonymous Trent C said...

one word: bigotry


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