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Mormon Truth Podcast #11-Famous Mormons In The Media #1- Mormon Shawn King's recent Interview On The Howard Stern Show And My Comments!!

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Before allowing everyone to listen to this, and publishing this on iTunes, I had to make sure that I wasn't violating any copyright laws and now I know that I'm not, based on the "fair use" provisions in the Copyright Law of the United States of America, Title 17, section 117. I originally created this on January 27th but retracted it until I was able to research whether I could publish it or not.

It(Title 17, section 117) states, "Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use38

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. Another great reference for an explanation of what is "Fair Use" is located here.

It states the following: "Criticism, comment, news reporting, research, scholarship and non-profit educational uses are most likely to be judged fair uses." Also, "As a general rule, if you are using a small portion of somebody else's work in a non-competitive way and the purpose for your use is to benefit the public, you're on pretty safe ground."

A few of you have already heard this podcast but for those that haven't, I think that you'll find it very interesting and educational, how a TBM acts on the Howard Stern show. I think that this podcast is incredibly important to show the world the double standard that exists in the higher circles of Mormonism. It is very educational in that regard!!

(I originally wrote this post and recorded this podcast, back in January, after I had been out of town dealing with some personal family matters.)

Well guys, I really apologize for all the time in between my podcasts. For those that have followed me and my Mormon Truth blog and podcast, you know that I had a
death in the family, followed up by some severe family problems that needed to be dealt with, which they were. I appreciate your patience and hopefully, things will now begin to run much smoother, as I had anticipated.

I had actually started a podcast and was about half way done with it, when I got the phone call and 4 hours later, I was on the road. Anyway, I was about to finish that podcast about 10 days ago, and well, the Mormon God cursed me with this flu/cold that's going around. First I pretty much lost my voice and then my voice came back but the loss of voice, was conveniently replaced with a killer, anyway, here I am, feeling the need to provide you guys with some entertainment and express myself on many topics, but not able to stop coughing.

Actually, of all the 50 states in the USA, Utah has the worst epidemic outbreak of the flu. Damn Mormons!! So much for the Mormon God, giving special care and attention to his beloved people, right? Aren't their holy garments supposed to protect them from harm? Maybe it's because the percentage of Mormons to Non-Mormons, has dropped to about 60%, so God got pissed and cursed the state of Utah? It's a wake up call for Utah Mormons to drag their ass out onto the street and to their neighbors, to start converting people!! It's God's call to arms!!

So, you see, I did get sick because of them, but they would say that it was due to my Satanic behavior, because I'm fighting against God's word and Satan has overtaken me, in fact, I now work for him as several have stated to me. Yeah, yeah, that's it, so yes, I was cursed by the Mormon God. Actually, I just went to the new car Show 2 weeks ago and within 2 days, I was sicker than dog.

I figured if there was a massive flu epidemic in Utah, the best thing to do, would be to go to a place where thousands of sick people are walking around (in a closed environment, where the air is recirculating), coughing, sneezing, blowing their noses, not washing their hands, and then touch everything that their touching and breath their air...LOL!! Well, it worked like a freaking charm!! LOL!!

Anyway, my coughing is finally starting to slow down, as I cough out the demons, one by one and I've almost gotten rid of all of them. I can currently talk for a few minutes without coughing, but not for 60 minutes plus. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'll be able to finish that podcast that is already half done. In the meantime, I've come up with something that you guys should love and have a fun time listening to.

Now, as some of you may have heard and many of you probably haven't, Shawn King, the wife of CNN Anchor Larry King, Who is a die-hard TBM (at least says she is) made an appearance on the Howard Stern show. All I can say is......Ha Ha Ha and WOW!! I can't imagine how, or why a die-hard, temple recommend holding, garment wearing, temple going, TBM, would ever want to appear on the Howard Stern show? I mean come on, why would you want to open yourself up to such much ridicule, mocking and crude humor that is so easily created, just by scratching the surface of Mormonism?

Of course, this hasn't stopped Donny Osmond(January 1998 and June 1999) or Ricky Schroder (March 2005) from going on the show either. Ricky Schroder was grilled on his "magic garments" just like Shawn King was on this Show. By the way, Ricky Schroder was awesome, handled it very well, and even showed Howard his garments at one point. I'm not so sure that he's a real die-hard and may be doing it more for his TBM wife than anything, just my impression. Howard Stern said "if he didn't have to give up cursing and drinking he'd think of converting just for the underwear." LOL!!

Also, Howard grilled him about whether it was his wife that forced him to quit NYPD Blue, due to the kissing and love scenes. He of course said no, no, but come on, I think we can figure that one out. Like you can go to the temple on Monday and then Tuesday, be laying 95% naked, in a bed, with a hot chick, making out, turned on and your TBM wife is watching? Yeah, I'm sure she had nothing to do with it...LOL!!

Howard asked Donny Osmond why his wife doesn't give him oral sex. In January of last year, Howard Stern went to a cocktail party and Donny Osmond was there too.Howard says that he was really nice to him. Howard said "we (at the show) had been under the impression that Osmond was mad at us because during his last visit, Howard asked him why his wife doesn't give him oral sex. Donny said he wasn't mad at all and wants to come on the show again."

So, again, even after being asked that personal of a question, especially for a self-claimed, temple worthy TBM, Donny Osmond wants to go back and do it again. Why is the question? Well, love him or hate him, Howard Stern is huge has millions of fans listening in every day and these stars, Mormon or not, simply see it as a great opportunity to get exposure and get people thinking about them, etc.

But, with that being said, I'm not sure how these garment wearing, temple going, temple recommend holding Mormons, can justify going on a show that Mormon Hierarchy and doctrine (that they supposedly believe and support with all of their heart and soul) would condemn and consider filthy, dirty, offensive, lewd, and immoral.

So, whatever the reason that Shawn King felt the need to go on Howard Stern a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure glad as hell that she did, because it provided some great entertainment, laughs and the majority of the material for this podcast and this post. It also helps remind us all of the hypocrisy that exists in the Mormon Church, especially at the higher, richer levels.

I believe that hypocrisy, the "do as I say, not as I do" attitude, is carried over and learned from the top hierarchy to the famous Mormon celebrities. They feel as if it is their right of entitlement. In other words, they pay enough tithing to pretty much be able to do whatever the hell they want without any repercussions. In a sense, they are just paying them off to turn a blind eye.

It's no different then the Church strongly condemning alcohol consumption, but then allowing it to then be served in their malls(right across from temple square) while also being invested in it and profiting from it's sales. If they were to EX Donny Osmond or Ricky Schroder, they'd be losing a lot of tithing money, that's for sure and money is always the bottom line with the Mormon Church.

Now, on the other hand, If any normal member went on the Howard Stern show and laughed about the "magic garments", talked about their sex life, laughed at their crude jokes and then joked that they might indeed one day have sex with the host, well, can you say "EXCOMMUNICATION?!!" Bam, punishment would be swift, public and powerful and everyone would know it.

They would try to make an example out of you to scare the other Saints, kind of like Brigham Young did with the Blood Atonement. Sure, you can leave the Church or Utah but you'll get your throat slit, but oh yeah, he didn't do it; they just ended up dead, throats slit, stabbed 50 times, and on display, just by chance. Must have just been bad luck that day for them, right?

***Warning*** Now, I'm warning any of you out there, that are sensitive to sexual innuendo or sexual talk, because this clip with Shawn King and Howard Stern, is full of sex talk and innuendo and potty humor. If you don't find this kind of stuff funny or you think it is offensive, then PLEASE, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST or you will be offended!! I promise!!

Like my post on Ghoulslime that I did, on Mormon Truth, I do not intend to offend anyone, just share interesting tidbits and info with you all on the Mormon world and the happenings therein. Things like this help to give us a better idea of the big picture that reaches into the rich and famous Mormons who rub elbows with the hierarchy.

Now, also keep in mind that his show is now on Satellite radio and is not edited and has no obscenity guidelines to go by and anything goes. I do think however, considering that it's Howard Stern, that he was pretty well behaved and clean for this interview. No F bombs or anything, just the sexual stuff. He was respectful in that regard at least. Trust me, he could have been much worse!!

Now, with all of that being said, I guess that if Shawn King (TBM, temple recommend holder, loved by Mormon Hierarchy) can go on Howard Stern and be interviewed, then us EXMOS, should be able to listen to it, right? It's not like we'll have to go confess to our Bishop or anything...LOL!! Also, other TBMS can't say how awful I am for putting it out there or how bad you guys are for listening, when the star of the show is one of them. She's one of their stars and her Son just got married in the temple and she was there for the wedding.

In fact, TBMS should be able to listen to it too, without losing their recommends or having to confess to their Bishop and I hope they will. I think we'll have quite an audience for this one from both sides of the fence. Feel free guys to let everyone know, TBMS included.

Now, I Don't think that for a second, the Mormon Hierarchy, didn't hear from someone, somewhere, that she had gone on Howard Stern. Do you think they would call her in or discipline her? Not a chance in hell!!

One other funny note, is that Shawn's Dad is her manager, publicist and Howard's producers said that he was in the green room, listening, watching the show and going berserk!! They said he was pacing around and furious. Howard Stern said that he thought he'd better go out the back door, so that her Dad wouldn't "kick his ass", when he left...LOL!! Then she said that her Dad is 6'2, still works out and Howard said, "shit, he'll beat the hell out of me, I'm outta her." LOL!!

Yeah, I'm sure her TBM Dad, loved the "magic garment talk." If he's her manager, doesn't want his beloved Church, Daughter and "magic garments", to be ridiculed and mocked, for millions to hear, then what the hell is he doing booking her on the Howard Stern show? What a dumb ass!! Why would her Dad even go and subject himself to listening, then getting infuriated, when he knew in advance what was going to happen?

I'm sure he was asking himself the same question as he paced around the green room in a rage listening to question after question, about her "magic(lucky) garments." The reality is, that Shawn King probably does whatever the hell she wants and she wanted to pump up her new country music album, so there you go, the truth comes out. The price of fame eh, even for a TBM? Her sales must not have been too brisk. Hopefully it was worth it for her and her Family.

Enjoy guys!! I look forward to your comments and feedback and hopefully this will make up for my long absence and give you guys some good laughs at the same time.

Samuel the Utahnite


At February 15, 2006 3:44 PM, Blogger Genetic 404 said...


I recently subscribed to your podcast, and quickly, in a matter of days, listened to them all. I am an ex-mo - and I rarely tell anybody about it. Listening to your podcasts helps me realize that many others have felt the rage and disappointment that I once felt. Keep up the awesome work! (Although I did have a topic suggestion: How women are brought up in the church - you may not know exactly what happens behind the doors of the young women's meetings, but to this day it makes me ill.)

At March 29, 2006 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great that Stern clearly did his homework.

It was sad to see King in so much denial about how good the garments look.

At March 30, 2006 4:40 PM, Blogger MeTaLFreeK said...

Sam: Might I suggest having Pixelized Catharsis as a guest on your podcast? I am dying to know what goes on behind the doors of Young Women's meetings. Welcome, Catharsis. Good havin' ya here.

At August 10, 2006 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does Howard S really feel about Shawn K? Like, does he think that she is attractive, with a hot body or what? How many times did he speak to how she looks and how many times did we have to listen to it?
Like, man, this is crazy...

One question? Is it tough to return to neutral ground?
Do you have a local hospital that you could vounteer at? It seems that would be a better use of your time.


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