Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mormon Truth Podcast #6-Better Off Dead?!!

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My new podcast is up and running and explores the Mormon doctrine of "better off dead or in a pine box", then to be immoral. It's an evil doctrine and one of the main men that taught and believed this doctrine was the former Mormon Prophet, Spencer W. Kimball. Kimball, next to Brigham Young, was one of the most evil Prophets that the Mormons have ever had. I explore a talk given by Kimball at BYU in 1965, called "love and lust." It condemns everyone, especially, fornicators, homosexuals and masturbators. Oh yeah, and for God's sake, don't ever have any type of sexual thought.

I had a lot of material to cover and again, I wanted to only record a one hour show, but it ended up being 2. I also had much more material that I'm saving for a future podcast, especially the one that I'll be doing on the Mormon Church's anti-gay stance. Kimball was definitely behind that one, just like modern day Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, who spent millions in California and Hawaii, to defeat the Gay marriage amendment. I have some truly tragic stories to share that were related to that fight, plus some shocking things that still go on in the Mormon Church to try "to cure" homosexuality. The Mormon Church is a very evil, vile organization and causes death and suicide in some cases, but then according to their quotes, that is their ultimate goal. I'll end with a quote from the Mormon First Presidency in 1981:
"It is better to die chaste than to live unchaste."

My post from Mormon Truth regarding "better off dead."

Written Version of Spencer W. Kimball's Love Vs. Lust-BYU Devotional-January 5th, 1965:

Another Version of Love Vs. Lust

Audio Version of Love Vs. Lust from the BYU Speeches Website.(Note, barely resembles the written version. Entire paragraphs are not even spoken, etc.)

Pictures of the Joseph Smith Nativity scene displayed at BYU

I hope that you guys enjoy the Podcast and can understand better, just how dangerous the Mormon Church is. Not only are they a cult, but they are a dangerous, evil cult, that teaches you are "better off dead, than unchaste." In some cases, this very thing has happened, and people have committed suicide, due to not being able to live up to the lofty standards and their subsequent depression.

So, I imagine that there was a celebration in Salt Lake when these deaths occurred. What else am I supposed to surmise, considering they've never come out to condemn or rescind these hate filled, destructive teachings? I wonder if Hinckley gave a damn when that homosexual man in California, committed suicide, right on the Church's front steps, after the ban on gay marriage was passed. Doesn't the Mormon Hierarchy realize what their hate/bigoted teachings are doing to some people? Christ's Church? Yeah right!!

Of course, a major player in that fight, was the Mormon Church, which spent millions and organized Stakes and Wards from one of California to the other , just to be able to fight and defeat the gay marriage amendment. What asses!! I'll be covering this subject thoroughly on my main Mormon Truth blog and my podcasts.

I will cover this much much more in a podcast in the very near future. Oh, by the way, I can't find one thing, on the Church's website, that mentions the Missionary that died in Argentina, but plenty of other BS, that is making news. I guess his death, meant nothing, just as I supposed. The Mormon Church Hierarchy doesn't give a damn about anybody, but themselves and their Billions!!

The bottom line is that the Mormon Church cares about one thing and one thing only!!


Samuel the Utahnite

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