Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mormon Truth Podcast #5-Tithing And Filthy Lucre-Part 2, Is Now Ready To Go!!

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Well, part 2 of tithing and filthy lucre is up and running. My intention was to add on to the beginning of it, with about 15 additional minutes of info which turned into closer to 40 minutes of extra info. This topic is just so large and there is so much info to cover, that it ended up taking me nearly 3 hours to do what I intended to be a 1 hour podcast. I could have easily made it a 4-5 hour or 5 part podcast.

Hopefully, you will find very useful information in this podcast to help you to understand how the Mormon Hierarchy shamelessly robs from poor people, to fill their own coffers and then they laugh all the way to the bank and their next major real estate purchase or project. You can throw out all of the lies, fraud, false doctrine, discrepancies, mind control, etc and just focus on what I said and the quotes that I read, in this podcast, and that should be enough to prove that this Mormon cult is a complete fraud, that has nothing to do with any God or righteousness.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mormon Truth Podcast #4-Tithing And Filthy Lucre Part 1, is up and running. Please leave your comments!!

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Here is a description of this podcast. I'll be posting part 2 later today. Enjoy!!

This podcast describes in great detail, the manner in which the Mormon Church Hierarchy, robs from the poor, to give to the rich, which is to give to themselves. I will take a journey through several quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley, James E. Faust and others, to prove this to be true. You will leave this podcast with no doubts, I promise. I will also talk very candidly about where the Church spends all their money. They are more of a real estate company/construction company than a Church. I will discuss all of their current projects that are underway and the Billions that they are spending on them. The Mormon Church is nothing but a rich corporation and anything that has to do with God or Jesus, is just window dressing in order to get more filthy lucre by robbing the poor, every chance they get. The Mormon Church and their actions, are a complete disgrace to mankind!!

Thanks Everyone for your support!!

Here are those links that I promised you guys in my podcast, sorry for the delay in posting them. The first one is the post that has the link to the video of the interview with Hinckley and the German reporter:

Classic Hinckley Moments!!

Even The Destitue Must Pay Tithing!!

Another Tithing Post!!

How The Mormon Church Abuses And Takes Advantage of the Elderly!!

What Good Does Mormon Pophet Hinckley Do Anyway?!!

Why would the Mormon Church Need To Ask For More Money When Disaster Strikes?!!

More On Tithing And When It Should And Shouldn't Be Paid And Why!!

Mormon Church Not Against Torture?!!

April 2002 General Conference Talk On "The Law Of Tithing" By Earl Tingey!!

">Interesting Tidbits On Mormon Finances And Who Exactly and What They are Invested In!!

Here Is The Link To Look At The September Of 2005 Friend Magazine On Tithing!!

Here is the talk on "Five steps to financial planning" with the great quote by Hinckley that I mention at the beginning of "Tithing and Filthy Lucre part 2." This just once again confirms his obsession with tithing. My favorite quote is, "The most important step toward achieving financial well-being is to PAY TITHING FIRST-NO EXCUSES AND NO EXCEPTIONS. President Gordon B. Hinckley counseled: “Some of you have money problems. I know that. There is never enough money in your homes. I know that. You are struggling to get along. WHAT IS THE CURE? The only thing I know of is PAYMENT OF TITHING.… It was God who made the promise that He would open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings upon those who walked honestly with Him in the payment of their tithes and offerings, and He has the capacity to keep His promise.”

Samuel the Utahnite

Friday, November 18, 2005

Comments on Podcast #3-Joseph Smith

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Well, the Joseph Smith podcast is up and running. I'm sorry for the terrible sound quality or the echo of my voice. I promise the next one will be better. Hang in there with me while I figure all this stuff out. I'm a beginner when it comes to podcasting(like a week now) but I will perfect it as time goes along. I wasn't too happy when I listened to it after making it.

Here is my synopsis of the Podcast:

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This Post Is For Comments Regarding Podcast #2-Mission Experiences And The Hill Cumorah.

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In this Podcast, I mainly discuss two things; feelings that I had during my Mormon mission to Argentina as I read directly from my mission journal and then what should have been found in the hill Cumorah in New York. I read directly from Ether, in The Book of Mormon, about how many died, what battle gear they used, etc. I also touched upon a few other topics of interest from this past week. For more details, you can read my latest post on my blog here or just listen to the show. I hope you enjoy it!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ok Guys, This Post Is Specifically For Comments On Podcast #1-The Introduction And M. Russell Ballard.

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This podcast and all future podcasts that I do, will be to spread the "real truth" about the Mormon Church and expose the fraud that is the Mormon Church. It's time to uncover the lies and reveal them to the world!! I will share my opinions and viewpoints without holding back. They can run and cover up but they can't hide from the "REAL TRUTH!!"

 In this first podcast, I introduce myself and why I've decided to do these podcasts, along with writing my blog. I describe a little bit about my journey to the truth, my feelings and my discovery of the Mormon fraud.

I also express the passion that I have to share these things with others, in order to help them, to also be able to escape the Mormon cult and have their freedom.

My main goal, is to help as many people as possible and to let everyone out there, that has also discovered this Mormon fraud, that they are not alone.

Samuel the Utahnite

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